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A multi-faceted composer, talented pianist, arranger, orchestrator, and performer, Michael Alterman is proficient in all styles and genres of music. As a budding musician, Michael pursued his passion of being a jazz pianist and played for notable groups including the Chet Baker Quintet and the Woody Herman Band. He is featured on the album Woody Herman East and West and his opening solo "Tomorrow's Blues" captures the essence of his love affair with jazz.

After completing his Master's Degree in Musicology and Composition from Queens College in New York, Michael embarked on a successful career. He played in big bands and Broadway musicals and worked with Bob Fosse for five years, later moving on to endeavors in composing, conducting, and arranging for television and film.

Drawing inspiration from a varied palate of musical influences, Michael integrates his individual compositions into seamless albums. His newest CD was written for the documentary film One Thousand Lights of Ladakh: Passages through a Rain Shadow.

In his own words:

"I can never predict the point of origin for my next song but if a strong melody should reveal itself to me, then I know I must pursue it to fruition. Growing up as a jazz musician I always wanted to invent my own music, not simply play that of others. My sincerity and pure love of music has allowed me to trust my own intuition and has made me open to any and every kind of music the art form has to offer."